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Being one of the top selling agent in Australia, many local business have ask JXRE for business referral so we put them all together, then filter out the bad and let the rest fight for your business.

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Janet S.


We were sceptic when we approach Jason LBS not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, within a week we had 3 builders showing off their pass projects portfolio with quality finish at a very affordable price. We made our choice and within 9 months, we moved in!

Sarah & Abbi


Our old house was falling apart and we wanted to new house but didn't want a big mortgage so we query Jason LBS on a dual occupancy house. We quickly had 3 builders showing us what we can do on our land. The process was very easy and soon we build 2 large townhouse side by side. We sold one, paid off the full loan and enough profit to last us for many years.


Clayton South

I bought an old house in Clayton South as an investment property. The house was run down so I approach Jason LBS who gave me an appraisal to build 3 townhouse. Once we had all the paper work approved, building only took 10 months to complete all 3 houses including landscape and driveway! They were immediately leased with positive cashflow.